Defrost-Free Heat Pumps

Uninterrupted comfort with the benefit of energy savings

FrostShield Defrost-free heat pumps


FrostShield removes the need to switch to cooling mode to defrost HVAC

Normal operation

The air-source heat pump operates as it normally would when in heating mode sending fresh, clean air into the building.

FrostShield detection prevents frost from ever forming on HVAC

FrostShield Detection

As conditions near frosting levels, FrostShield detects outdoor coil temperature levels and determines the precise amount of hot discharge gas needed to prevent frost from forming.

FrostShield 27-7 Protection from Frost on Heat Pump HVAC

FrostShield Protection

FrostShield maintains the coil temperature above the threshold where moisture condenses and frost forms. This prevents the unit from switching to cooling mode, saving energy.

"FrostShield opens up a major portion of the country that previously could not use air source heat pumps due to low ambient temperatures. It is a game changer for clients with electrification in mind and continues the leading position Addison has obtained as an innovator of the DOAS market."
Mark McCollough
Partner/National Account Manager
Midwest Mechanical Systems

The Benefits

Uninterrupted Comfort

FrostShield allows uninterrupted operation of energy efficient electric air source heat pump heating to continuously deliver fresh, clean air.

Green Technology

FrostShield is the only air source heat pump technology that can be applied to continuous heating of ventilation air without relying on supplemental heat from wasteful strip heaters or fossil fuel.

Energy Savings

Without having to switchover to defrost, enormous amounts of energy are saved by not having to utilize heat from the building to clear the outdoor coils.

Wider Range of Applications

FrostShield allows operation in the coldest climates where heat pumps are not traditionally applied without the need for a backup heat source, such as a furnace or electric heat.

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